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Youth: 1915-1940
Childhood, early service in the Leibstandarte SS 'Adolf Hitler', work in the staff of the Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler, escorting him as his adjutant.
Jochen's parents Woldemar and Charlotte, his brothers Hasso and Horst, his wife Sigurd 'Sigi'. She gave birth to two daughters Elke and Silke, and the son Hinrich. Sigi kept their family alive and raised the children all those long years while Jochen spent time in the war and in prison.
Company Commander: 1940-1942
Peiper participates in the French Campaign of 1940 as a company commander in the LSSAH, and receives his first battle awards. Then for a time he returns to the role of the Reichsführer's adjutant. In the summer of 1941 the USSR Campaign begins, Peiper commands a company of panzergrenadiers at the Ostfront and spends there the cold winter of 1941/1942.
Audio & Video
Long and short videos with Peiper and his comrades, songs about him, and marches of the Leibstandarte.
Battalion Commander: 1942-1943.
Peiper takes under his command the III Panzergrenadier Battalion of the LSSAH equipped with armored half-tracks, which later acquires the nickname 'Lötlampenbataillon', or the blowtorch battalion. It becomes renown in several bold operations: delivering the besieged 320's division of General Postel, the battle for retaking Charkow and Belgorod, participates in the operation Citadel and in Italy.
Photos of papers signed by Peiper or related to him, articles in the press, items in museums.
Regiment Commander: 1943-1945
After the commander of the 1st SS-Panzerregiment was killed in action, Peiper is appointed to the post. This comes as a surprise, because he never commanded tank units - but he tries to do his best in this new field. Heavy fighting at the Ostfront, then in Normandy. 'Die Wacht am Rhein', or the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes, where the Kampfgruppe 'Peiper' fights as the main breakthrough force. And the last battles of this war for the Panzerregiment, in Hungary and Austria.
Some drawings depicting Peiper, mostly based on photos; wallpapers, and even comics. (This page is under reconstruction).
Prisoner: 1945-1956
Soldiers of the Leibstandarte at the Malmedy Massacre trial. Kampfgruppe 'Peiper' is accused in killing prisoners of war; he and most of the others get the death sentences. But the prosecution made such rude violations of justice, that the US attorney Willis Everett managed to convict the American authorities to revise the trial. Nobody was hanged, and after some years all the defendants were released. Peiper leaves the Landsberg prison as the last of his comrades at the end of 1956.
Fakes & Mistakes
Some photographs have wrong attribution which is repeated over years in various publications. Others are questionable. And some photos and documents are just fakes.
Another life: 1956-1976
Peiper celebrates the Christmas of 1956 with his wife and children - for the first time ever. He starts a new life, makes a meteoric career in the Porsche Company. But soon he discovers that in the public eyes he is still no more than a criminal, despite being released from jail. New investigations follow during 1960's, but are unable to prove Peiper's guilt. At last he gets tired of public attention. Peiper and his wife leave Germany and build a secluded home in France. Several years of peace are followed by a sudden campaign in the communist press against the 'Nazi criminal'. Mobs are besieging the house, and at the night of 13/14 July, 1976, Jochen Peiper is murdered.
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